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Value Engineered Metal Building Construction

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We are a different kind of construction firm. We offer unparalleled service, combining a desire for top
quality and low prices. With our guaranteed max price, this is actually possible.


three keys to guaranteed max price


Design-Build (DB) carries the clearest contractual remedies for clients because the DB contractor is responsible for all of the work on the project, regardless of the nature of any fault.


Without subcontractors, our company works as a cohesive team with one goal in mind: You.


Expert analysis of exactly what needs to be done and where. Site selection and building design are crucial to a proper estimate.

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We want you to feel confident and secure about our capabilities, even before groundbreaking. We are one of the top rated construction firms in Texas for a reason. We're extremely proud of the work we've done on over 700 completed projects.our clients include:


Programming is the research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed; gathering the basic needs of your building and site. Every project is unique in process and design. Programming will dictate the size of the building and site required. During the programming process, building code requirements, ADA requirements, and life safety requirements will be determined.

site selection

Your building site will impact the maximum building size, traffic flow, constructability, and building cost.

Is the site in a floodplain?

Does the site require a large amount of cut or fill? Could the amount of cut or fill pay for a more preferred property?

Will local municipality let you enter the property where you desire?

Are setback requirements too restrictive for the building size?

Are there zoning restrictions?

preliminary design

Preliminary design begins once a program has identified the scope(s) of work involved. This could be a ground up build, an addition/renovation to an existing building, or master designing a future site or building. The GMP (guaranteed maximum price) begins here, and there should be a clear understanding between the owner and designer-builder of the budget maximum. No reason for a designer to get carried away with designs that aren’t within a realistic budget only to be cut later.

This is where NC Sturgeon excels. We are in constant contact with suppliers and subcontractors, and we know construction costs. Our team of designers and project managers are never satisfied with the first round of design. We constantly value-engineer the overall design, the components, the architecture, the constructability, and the overall schedule until we get to the optimum design, value, cost, and best method of construction for each project.

Before we go into final design and construction documents, you will be satisfied with the architecture, cost, and construction schedule.we guarantee it!


Design can only begin after a program has been vetted. Cost, time, construct-ability, durability, function and aesthetics are key considerations in the design of our building projects and must be carefully balanced to meet the needs of our owners. We only design projects that we construct. And we only design buildings that can meet our GMP.

We have a broad range of building project experience to call on and the most important needs of the owner will dictate our method of construction. We have the necessary skills to integrate all divisions of work into a formal project. The most important skill we have learned over the years is to listen to the client!

We will design a cost effective project. We will utilize Value Engineering throughout the design cycle and evaluate design alternatives while preserving Aesthetics, Durability, Safety, Spatial Relationships, and overall building integrity.


All of the following should be considered early to reduce overall construction time and last minute compromises: soil investigations, delivery method of the project (Design-Build, Fast Track, Construction- Management), building permits, SWPPP notifications, early cost estimating, early bidding and procurement (especially for long lead items), scheduling with critical path milestones and hard date milestones.


Design-Build (DB) is a delivery method for construction that comprises 90 percent of our portfolio. In DB an owner selects a single source of responsibility for design, construction, and cost containment. This phase carries the clearest contractual remedies for clients because the DB contractor will be responsible for all of the work on the project regardless of the nature of any fault. We look at it like this: one team (owner, architect, engineer, contractor, estimator, scheduler, project manager, and accountant) sitting around a table with open communication working together from start to finish. All coming together to be heard and submit their “best ideas” for design and construction. We open our books and show the owner our real job cost estimates and subcontractor bids to help analyze and evaluate costs, designs, and efficiencies. Unlike other construction methods, phases overlap, and all team members collaborate throughout the process to provide an expedited project delivery.

elevated project integrity

Using the DB method, the owner, designer and contractor will coordinate as a team. The owner directs the contractor on the basic needs, and the owner is consulted on the project’s scope and general decision making.

Constructability can be reviewed throughout the design process by all members of the DB team. This leads to effective value engineering ideas created by the DB team with contractor involvement/oversight maintaining budgetary and schedule concerns.

earlier gmp more agility

The DB method allows the contractor to establish a guaranteed cost early on in the design phase. This allows the owner to make changes, request additional value engineering, or add scope to a project before the substantial design is complete.

maximized savings

Contractor involvement encourages not only the best methods but also the most efficient methods. Through constant value engineering and constructability reviews, cost savings ideas continue throughout the project duration. Decisions that can be made during the programming, concept and design phases will impact the schedule and costs of the project more than any other phase of construction.

shortened overall project time

With the DB method, project scopes can easily overlap, allowing for fast track construction. The owner benefits from the shortened timeframe, and construction overhead is cut dramatically.

project management

Project Management (PM) or Construction Management (CM) is a professional service or delivery method that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, and/or design, and/or construction of a project, from its beginning to its end or any segment of the overall process. The purpose of CM is to control a project's time, cost and quality. CM is compatible with all project delivery methods, including design-bid-build, design-build, CM at-risk and public/private partnerships. There are several types of (PM/CM) contracts:

lump sum

A lump sum contract is the most common. The contractor and owner agree on the overall cost of the project and the owner is required to pay that amount whether or not the project fails, or if it exceeds the initial price.


The owner pays the total cost and a fixed fee percentage of the total cost to the contractor.

guaranteed maximum price

The guaranteed maximum price contract is the same as the cost-plus-fee, except there is a set price so the total cost and fee cannot exceed.

unit price

This contract is chosen when both parties are unable to determine the cost ahead of time. The owner provides specific unit price to limit spending.

nc sturgeon is uniquely qualified to handle cm/pm contracts.

  • We have a 30 year reputation of paying our bills on time every month. This gives us access to all the best subcontractors and material suppliers.
  • We have large bonding capacity to protect the owner from financial loss/risk.
  • Our project managers that work DB are familiar with all construction methods and scheduling.
  • In-house estimators with our 20-year database in Timberline Estimating have 97 percent accuracy so we can deliver early accurate cost estimates.
  • Our self-performing concrete and steel crews can ensure quality control and maintain any reasonable schedule.
  • Our sophisticated Timberline Accounting software can deliver daily, weekly, job cost to date, and monthly job costs letting everyone know where we stand on estimates, schedules, and cost savings to the project.


Design-Build/Build-to-Suit Lease is an option we offer to a select group of clients. Currently, we have a handful of tenants who wanted to lease a quality building designed, constructed and owned by NC Sturgeon. Some have worked a land deal with a municipal development company to acquire land and have had us design and build a building for that specific property. Others have secured land through a deposit and have asked us to purchase the land. Currently, we only have nationally known tenants. In all cases, we design and build a quality building, which we own with the land, and we lease it for a minimum of ten (10) years to the tenant.

If you are considering a lease, please let us know.